Each thing has its time.

25 years in the industry confirms that the development control us - not the other way around. To win market confidence, one has to listen in, take care of and monitor progress.

We have done so. Across the road from the old slow VHS world of today's fast-paced, digital existence.

Earlier we talked only film and video. Today it's about everything at the same time - and more. Internet, Web TV, mobile phones, tablets, apps. Then they sent away their messages in the hope that the target audience would listen. Nowadays technology allows dialogue and interaction. And above all, you can get close to the individual customer.

Freberg Production started in 2005 by Lars Frennesen and ├ůse Byberg. But the experience goes much further and actually over several continents.

Freberg Production has produced lifestyle productions and documentaries for television and internet exposure in Sweden and international productions for example, Discovery and ZDF. Like many productions for training, staff development and client presentations.

Our experience, knowledge and technology are behind the idea and set up. But it is the customer's needs and wants that is main focus