TV series and documentaries

We have produced and broadcasted 150X30-minute episodes of various TV series in Sweden and globally

  • 52 episodes of Freberg's World TV8/TV3- Global Distribution
  • 36 episodes of the World Taster - TV8/TV3- Global Distribution
  • 18 episodes of Cornucopia - a quest for the best in life - TV8/TV3.
  • 24 episodes of Taste the World TV8/TV3.
  • 14 episodes of TASTE TOUR - TV4.
  • 8 episodes of TASTE - TV8
  • 6 episodes of Arctic ala Provence - TV8

Frebergs World and World Taster have global distribution and episodes of the series have been distributed on long-haul flights as Qatar Airways and Malaysian Airlines.


  • "The Magic of Santa" - 1x47 min for Discovery Channel
  • "In the spotlight Palm Oil" - 1x47 min for Discovery Channel

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