"The Magic of Santa" takes audiences on an extraordinary adventure to the North Pole (66´33´07 "northern latitude and 25´50" eastern longitude at the northern polar circle), Santa Claus´ home ground. This charming fairy-tale documentary was shot on High-Definition in the deep forest of Finland and includes a multitude of uniquely crafted special effects to reveal the Arctic´s best kept secret with bold moments of illusion and lights, all the while maintaining the elements of tradition and nature. "The Magic of Santa" is broadcasted on on Discovery.

"In the spotlight Palm Oil" - a co-production - in this one hour investigate documentary we will look at the historical background to this industry, its economic signigicance to South East Asia and its importance as well as its ever increasing dominance in the world today. On average, one in ten products on your supermarket shelf contains palm oil, how is it labeled, how is it treated and is it harmful to your body? Secondly, what is happening to the world´s most bio-diverse tropical rainforest in South East Asia and thirdly is this product necessary? Length 1x47min - broadcasted on Discovery.